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Major League Baseball

New York Yankees -vs- Boston Red Sox

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Boston Red Sox -vs- New York Yankees

Who's better, Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees ?

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
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Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees Rivalry

For the first 15 years after the birth of the New York Yankees (early on called the Highlanders) in 1903, the Red Sox (then the Americans) were baseball's dominant team, winning the first World Series in 1903 and following with four more championships through 1918.

But in the last 85 years, the Yankees have more than made up for their humble start, winning 26 World Series and becoming one of the most dominant, successful, and — yes, let's admit it — hated sports franchises in history.

Many New Yorkers love their Yankees. Many other Americans love to see them beaten. Especially in Boston.