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National Football League

Pittsburgh Steelers -vs- Cleveland Browns  

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Cleveland Browns -vs- Pittsburgh Steelers

Who's better, Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers ?

Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalry

Cleveland and Pittsburgh have challenged each other over 104 times, and while this long-standing rivalry may not breed the same intensity it did before Art Modell stole the Browns from the Erie shores in 1995, Browns fans still get riled up whenever the Squealers are on the schedule.

Cleveland owns a slim 55-48 lead in the all-time series but the Steelers currently possess the bragging rights after sweeping the Browns in two regular-season meetings last year by a total of six points and then booting them from the playoffs with a 36-33 win. That postseason victory was of course highlighted by Pittsburgh’s devastating 22-point fourth-quarter comeback after the Browns opened up a late 27-14 lead.

If you’re keeping track at home, that’s three losses to the Steelers last season, each by one stinking field goal. And while the Browns extracted a bit of revenge by thumping Pittsburgh 33-13 at Ketchup Field on national television earlier this year, the Dawg Pound is hungry for a home win against these AFC North rivals.