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Nick Lachey -vs- Jessica Simpson

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Nick Lachey -vs- Jessica Simpson

Who's better, Nick Lachey or Jessica Simpson

Nick Lachey
Jessica Simpson
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MTV renews critically-praised 'Newlyweds' for an additional six episode season

By Wade Paulsen, 10/10/2003

The Hollywood Reporter reports that MTV has ordered a second season of its surprise-hit summer series Newlyweds, focusing on the celebrity marriage of former 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, 29, and "pop tart" Jessica Simpson, 23, who had the smash hit "Irresistible." The second-season order consists of an additional six episodes, which will air in 2004.

The first season run of Newlyweds, which ends on October 21, has drawn some of the strongest positive reaction so far for a celebrity reality-documentary. Many of the reviewers focus on Jessica's complete cluelessness about even the simplest items and Nick's resultant frustration directed at her. A review from Christopher Kelly of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram compares Newlyweds to the classic Ingmar Bergman miniseries Scenes from a Marriage, as the couple drifts farther apart each day