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College Football

Michigan Wolverines -vs- Ohio State Buckeyes

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Michigan Wolverines -vs- Ohio State Buckeyes

Who's better, Michigan Wolverines or Ohio State Buckeyes?

Michigan Wolverines
Ohio State Buckeyes
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Ohio State, Michigan Rivalry

Since the matchup was moved to the last Saturday of the Big Ten schedule 68 years ago, "The Game" has had an impact on the Big Ten championship 41 times. The conference's outright champion will be determined in today's game for the 19th time.

Michigan has a 56-37-6 edge in the series, which has been incredibly even if you take away the Wolverines' 13-0-2 start and the John Cooper era. Ohio State fired Cooper, who was 2-10-1 against Michigan, after the 2000 season.
The Ohio State-Michigan game was voted the greatest rivalry -- in any sport -- of the 20th century in a fan poll conducted by ESPN.com.

"There's nothing quite like the colors, the noise, the bands, the crowds," Carr said. "Looking into the eyes of your players, knowing all the preparation, all the goals and all of the hard work and effort that they have put into the season and now they get an opportunity to play in the greatest game. The guys across the field that you're coaching against, knowing that they want to win every bit as bad as you do."