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NBA Players

Tracy McGrady -vs- Kobe Bryant

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Tracy McGrady -vs- Kobe Bryant

Who's better, Tracy McGrady or Kobe Bryant

Tracy McGrady
Kobe Bryant
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What are the major differences between Kobe and Mcgrady?

  1. (Team Play) Mcgrady took two bench players from the Grizzlies and made them look like all-stars. Kobe doesn’t even want to share the ball with the best player in the league (let alone anyone else, his teammates don’t like him.)

  2. (Shack) At the beginning of the season and every other time they played without Shack they’re a lottery team. McGrady had the piston down 3-1 in the playoffs single-handed.

  3. (FGA's) With all the shooting Kobe was doing before Shack came back (the most in the league) his average was under 30 and his percentage was under 40%. Mcgrady’s average never went under 40% with double and triple teams all year long.

  4. (Competition) The shooting guard position in the east is the same as the power forward position in the west. Kobe had no competition until Ray Allen came over and we all know how ray treated him in 3 games. (check the stats mind bogling)

  5. (RINGS) Would the Lakers still have Three rings with any of the other top 2 guards in the league? I’m sure they would, definitely any of the top five.

  6. (Defense) Kobe is overrated defensively; every two guard in the league has his career high or close to it on Kobe. Allan Houston 53, Steve Francis 44 or Mobley 30 in the same game, Vincent Yarborough 18, Troy Hudson in the playoffs, and offensively challenged Bruce Bowen goes for 27, against a first team defensive player?

  7. (STREAK) When Kobe had his 40+ streak look at the caliber of teams, FGA’s and minutes played compared to Mcgrady’s 35+ streak. Shack only got six shots against Denver.

  8. (Support) Even without Shack who has the better team. Nobody on Orlando can start on any other team in the league. Who would you rather have Derek Fisher or Jacque Vahn, Rick Fox or Pat Garrity, Robert Horry or Shawn Kemp, Slava Medvidanko or Pat Burk. Now how can Mcgrady have a better shooting average and points per game than Kobe with this kind of team facing Ron Artest, Paul Pierce and Allan Iverson on a nightly Bases. Besides Ray Allen, Banged up Michael Finely and inconsistent Bonzi Wells, Kobe gets to concentrate all his efforts on single coverage and open shot offense. (Shack gets all the double and triple team, that’s why Kobe average went up when he came back, but still not higher than T).