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Martha Stewart -vs- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Fab Five)

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Martha Stewart

When America wants to learn how to make the perfect pie crust, plant an herb garden or fix a broken windowpane, it turns to Martha Stewart. Through the award-winning magazine Martha Stewart Living, an Emmy Award-winning television show, a Web site, syndicated newspaper columns, national radio show, mail-order catalog and product lines, Martha shares the creative principles and practical ideas that have made her America's most trusted guide to stylish living.


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Fab Five

They are the Fab 5: an elite team of gay men who have dedicated their lives to extolling the simple virtues of style, taste and class.

Each week their mission is to transform a style-deficient and culture-deprived straight man from drab to fab in each of their respective categories: fashion, food and wine, interior design, grooming and culture.

It's a full lifestyle make-over — a make better show where straight guys turn in their pleats for flat fronts, learn about wines that don’t come in a jug and come to understand why hand soap is not a good shampoo (and vice versa). When the journey is done, a freshly scrubbed, newly enlightened, ultra hip man emerges.