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National Hockey League

Kris Draper -vs- Claude LeMieux

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Kris Draper -vs- Claude LeMieux

Who's better, Kris Draper or Claude LeMieux?

Kris Draper
Claude LeMieux
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Kris Draper -vs- Claude LeMieux

It began in the 1996 playoffs, when Claude Lemieux belted Kris Draper into the boards at McNichols Sports Arena. The extreme views were that it was either a heinous, deliberate, gutless cheap shot or a fluke accident of unfortunate geometry, depending on who was doing the evaluating.

Draper suffered severe facial injuries, and after the Avalanche won the game to advance to the Stanley Cup finals, the Wings' Dino Ciccarelli uttered the famous statement about Lemieux after the traditional postgame ceremonies: