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NBA Players

Allen Iverson -vs- Kobe Bryant


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Allen Iverson -vs- Kobe Bryant

Who's better, Allen Iverson or Kobe Bryant?

Allen Iverson
Kobe Bryant
  Current Results

Allen or Kobe? These two have challenged each other years in regular season game, all-star games, playoff games, and most recently the NBA 2001 Finals. So whose the bigger baller? Both these players are excellent players, and put enormous effort into their games. Iverson is the leader in steals, points, and tied for most minutes. He also won MVP at the All-Star game and League MVP last year 2k1. For his size (6'0"), he's tremendous, he gets pushed, tripped, slapped, and knocked around, but he drives all the way to the basket, and doesn't let anything come in his way, even Shaq. He has led his team to all the way to the playoffs and puts on a show for the thousands who watch him. True, he doesn't have the best FG %, but he's always being double teamed and overguarded, and he still manages to pull out big numbers each game. 20 points is a bad day for him, his range while scoring is near the 30's, and lately it got up to 50, and lots of 40's. Kobe is also a great player. He also came rite outta high school, and he has two championship rings. He has excellent speed, a sweet fadeaway shot, some nice moves on the court, and a tite mini-fro. He stays outta trouble, has two versions of his own shoes, and everything's goin pretty good for him rite now. Who do you think is better, Allen or Kobe?