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Howard Stern -vs- Don Imus

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Howard Stern, Don Imus Rivalry

RADIO rivals Howard Stern and Don Imus had an ugly, on-air showdown after Imus ran a raunchy bit poking fun at Stern's swimsuit model girlfriend, Beth Ostrosky. Imus started it when a man impersonating former Nets star Jayson Williams called his show and claimed he was having sex with Ostrosky, and that she'd called him on Thanksgiving saying she needed some "dark meat." The prankster also described Stern as an "ugly, hook-nosed, punk-assed bitch" who can't satisfy Ostrosky unless she "has intercourse" with his nose.

When Stern heard about Imus' attack on Ostrosky's honor, he threatened to reveal details about alleged sexual exploits involving Imus' daughter, Donna, and vowed: "I'm thinking it's time to shut him down for good - just wreck his life . . . I don't have to rely on fake stuff, bits. I think it's time to teach him a little lesson about humility . . . What I know about you could sink you."

Stern's producer, Gary Dell'Abate, then patched Stern through to Imus, who was recording his show live on MSNBC. The ensuing exchange between the longtime enemies rarely rose above schoolyard taunts.

Stern: "Hey, stupid bitch, you want me to talk about your daughter and what went on between her and Linden?"

Imus: "Yeah."

Stern: "And Al Rosenberg? . . . "

Imus: "Yeah."

Stern: "Whose bitch?"

Imus: "Why don't you just keep your mouth shut, OK, punk?"

Imus then hung up on Stern, prompting the self-styled King of All Media to snarl, "P- - -y. What happened, P- - -y? Whose bitch now? Yeah, play a song, stupid ass. He can't even be a man. What a woman . . . Nice showdown, douche bag."

Meanwhile, Imus told his listeners: "That was Howard Stern. You know what's interesting about him? It's just so easy to get him upset. What a whiny little bitch."

Imus later recapped: "So what happened earlier this morning was somebody claiming to be Jayson Williams called up, suggesting they worked out with Howard's girlfriend - and it was pretty ugly. But, you know, I can continue. Just shut up about me and move on. Get some new material, because I'm not going to sit here like a baby seal and get clubbed. And I will make it as ugly as you want to make it."