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Dale Earnhardt -vs- Jeff Gordon

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Dale Earnhardt -vs- Jeff Gordon

Who's better, Dale Earnhardt or Jeff Gordon?

Dale Earnhardt
Jeff Gordon
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Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon Rivalry

It never really happened before Dale Earnhardt's death, that head-to-head showdown for supremacy that would energize the partisans in Winston Cup racing's two most populous camps.

There were skirmishes here and there and the occasional glimpse of how good it might have been. There was Jeff Gordon's famous "milk toast" to Earnhardt at the awards banquet in New York when Gordon claimed one of his four titles.

There was the innocent prank here, the prickly comment there. But never, not quite, did come the man-to-man chase for a championship that would have had fans choosing sides more sharply than ever before.

Now, as Dale Earnhardt Jr. begins to look more and more comfortable carrying the competitive mantel of his family's name, should fans dare get excited at the prospect that Gordon and Earnhardt Jr. might be building a rivalry of their own?