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If you have a group of people that need to register  for a recurring activity, class, clinic, etc, then MySignUpSheet is for you.

Instead of sending emails, making calls or posting a "paper sign up sheet", use MySignUpSheet  to create a web page sign up sheet that your group can visit and register based on their availability.


MySignUpSheet will help you manage the number of registrants you have for a particular activity, giving you the ability to properly schedule your resources.


  • Who needs MySignupSheet? Anyone organizing a group of people for regularly recurring events such as:  Tennis Clinics, Bowling Leagues, Book Groups, Squash Classes, etc.
  • Why do  I need MySignupSheet? If you're the organizer, do you really have time call everyone each week, or send emails to confirm attendance?  Tired of playing phone-tag to get in touch with people whose schedule is different from yours?  This gives you the ability to create an online registration form that users can update at their convenience, and you can view at your leisure.
  • How do I use MySignupSheet? As organizer, you name the events, select the date/time of the events, and the maximum number of attendees.  Let your users know your member id, and they register.

Before the event you: view the users, generate an email to remind/confirm, then lock-out registration.  As administrator, you have access to view past signups, audit trails, generate email text, update user information, and lock registration.

As the events expire, they are no longer displayed on the screen.

  • How much does a MySignupSheet cost? This is a subscription service, and there is a monthly charge.  Contact for pricing information.  This service is * FREE * to charities and non-profit   organizations.
In the example below, Springfield Tennis Club is holding a tennis clinic every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  There are 25 people for 16 available slots.  Users mark when they are available, and the tennis pro knows how many assistants they will need to support the group

First, the user needs to select their group:

Next, the user either registers (entering their name and optionally their email address), or selects the times they can attend.  NOTE: The display of emails is optional.  The information is available on the administrator page.

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